Core Exercises


Stand on all four keeping hips directly over the knees and hands directly under the shoulders. Before adding movement, ensure the core is engaged and in a comfortable neutral position. When set, simultaneously reach arm forward and push opposite leg as far back as you can. Hold 5sec and return to start position. Do this by driving the arm and leg back down simultaneously making sure to stay in neutral positiom Increase difficulty by increasing time of holds up to 10sec and/or increase reps.

Sets & Reps

3-4 sets at 5,4,3 reps respectively holding 5 sec and drop for 1 sec.

  • 1st set = 5 reps x 5s holds/side
  • 2nd set = 4 reps x 5s holds/side
  • 3rd set = 3 reps x 5s hold/side

Side Plank

Start by lying on the left side supported by the left forearmj knee and hip in a ‘V” flexed position at the hip. Drive hips forward into extension and hold in a straight line for 10 sec. To lower, push hips directly back until you sit down for I sec. Repeat this 3 times to complete I set. Once the left side is completed, repeat on your right side. Repeat for 3 sets/side. Progress to feet in a staggered position (top leg in front).

Sets & Reps

3-4 sets at 3 reps holding 10 sec & drop for I sec/side.


3 10s holds on left with Is drop between each.

Forearm Plank

Stand on forearm and knees. Brace your core and when ready, lift your body off the ground in one motion. Keep a straight line between your shoulders and your hips while pulling your elbows down and in towards your toes and hold for 10s.

Sets & Reps

3-4 sets at 10s hold


3 reps at 10sec hold with a 1 sec drop in between reps. Complete 3 sets

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