Form Roller Exercises

Foam rolling

Foam rolling is a useful tool to incorporate before and immediately after your workout. This self-myofascial release technique helps reduce tension in muscles, increase range of motion and increase blood flow. This results in better movement, decreased chance of injury and most impoåantly decreased recovery time. Decreased recovery fine means more training sessions per week/month from which results can come quicker. Increased circulaüon is a huge factor for recovery. Rolling helps flush out blood that has pooled in the working muscles and allows fresh nutrients and oxygen to come in and start the tissue recovery process.

Key points

Always avoid rolling onto your joints. The roller should stay positioned under your muscles at
all times. If you hit a particularly tight or tender spot you can stop rolling and apply direct pressure for 30
seconds or until the pain decreases.


Lay on your side starting with roller halfway between your knee and ankle. Slowly roll back and f01th for 20-30s. As you roll, make sure to take deeps breaths to help your muscles relax.

Iliotibial band (ITB)

Work the same leg as make your way up to your ITB. Keep your body perpendicular to the ground as you roll over the lateral (outside) of your thigh avoiding rolling onto your joints (hip and knee). Roll out the top half of the ITB for 20s followed by the bottom half another 20s


Support your weight on your hands or forearms as you roll slowly up and down over your quad (thigh/front). Change your leg position slightly to emphasis the medial and lateral areas of your quad. Roll 20-30s

Glutes/ Piriformis

Sit on the roller leaning to your left. Place your left foot over your right knee as you roll slowly over your glutes searching for the most tender spots. Roll 20-30s


To start, place the roller parallel to your body. Place your top leg perpendicular to the roller. Slowly roll back and f01th over your adductor (groin) muscle group with your knee extended and/or bent. Roll 20-30s

Latissimus Dorsi (Lats)

Lie on your side with your shoulder perpendicular to the roller. Lean slightly backwards as you roll over your lats keeping your arm relatively straight. Roll 20-30s.

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